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toolsJust want to give everyone a quick heads up that Nokia has rolled out minor firmware update (3.2010.02-8) for Nokia N900 and you can get it as Firmware Over the Air (firmware over the air) through the Application manager or with Nokia Software Updater As well but in that case you'll lose all settings and apllications as well so be sure that you have valid back up before update.

If you haven’t been warned yet, than enable internet connection and refresh app manager and you should see the 16.2 MB large Firmware version 3.2010.02-8. It should be available for most of the generic product codes but owners of branded devices might have to wait a bit longer.

Although there is no detailed change log it is still highly suggestible to get it as it usually brings dozens of minor bug fixes and improves reliability of your pho... .. .

ARM, Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Samsung, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments Incorporated
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you've heard that Intel
Just want to give everyone a quick heads up that Nokia has rolled out yet another firmware
Intel has been trying to penetrate the market for mobile device application processors for
CThe good folks from Opera beta labs are proud to present the first preview build of Opera
As you may have already know, The Qt 4.7 Beta1 was released today, and now I’m happy to

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Experimental Qt 4.7 [Tech Preview] Packages For The Nokia N900

Thursday, 18 March 2010 07:11

Written by Apocalypso

qt_tmThe Qt 4.7 Tech Preview has been released a while ago, for all those cutting edge folks that want to try out the newest stuff .

The 4.7.0 TP is the first step of the 4.7 release cycle, and the main goal is to showcase newest technology (such as Qt Quick) and solicit feedback. Although the quality isn’t at production level quite yet, it should be good enough for demonstrating the new features they have in mind for 4.7 final.

The good news is that the Qt for Maemo 5 repository got a 4.7-fremantle branch that contains a relatively up to date Qt 4.7 with all Maemo 5 cha... .. .

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Mozilla Launches Second Firefox Mobile Add-On Challenge

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 07:08

Written by Apocalypso

tools_tmThe great Mozilla's Firefox Mobile Add-On Challenge has returned! They've announced second mobile add-on challenge, starting on March 11 and ending Monday, April 12.

Add-on developers are challenged to develop a compatible Firefox mobile add-on that shows innovation and considers the mobile context (small screen size, touch screen, out and about, etc.)

At the end of the Challenge period, Mozilla's panel of judges (consisting of members from the Mobile and Add-ons teams) will select ten winners who will rece... .. .

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Nokia and University of South Australia Working On X-Ray Scanner Phone Application

Wednesday, 10 March 2010 10:28

Written by Apocalypso


In an article titled 'Phones to offer X-ray vision' and published on the smh.com.au portal, an Australian professor, Dr. Christian Sandor, revealed that researchers at the University of South Australia working with Nokia to build an ''X-ray vision'' mobile phone application which it hoped could be introduced in the next two years.

Dr Sandor said the technology could not be used by peeping Toms to see into people's houses because only the exterior views of buildings and streets were held in the databases.

Christian Sandor explained the application worked by using the phone's camera. Users pointed the camera at a building and an image of it would app... .. .

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UK Operators Aren't Too Happy About Skype Client On Nokia Smartphones

Sunday, 07 March 2010 09:49

Written by Apocalypso


According to a recent article on TechRadar, the UK operators already expressed its disapproval regarding the availability of Skype on Nokia smartphones since it could threatens their existing revenue streams, especially because it allows users to make free long-distance calls, according to TechRadar.

It appears that the carrier sees the application as breaking the rules, through offering users the possibility of sending voice calls through data, and that it considers blocking the solution for customers!

'We do not as a general rule block access to voice over IP services on our network. However, in the case of unlimited data services suc... .. .

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Gartner Forecast: Touchscreen Mobile Device Sale To Double in 2010!

Sunday, 07 March 2010 09:45

Written by Apocalypso

statistic_tmThe worldwide market for touchscreen mobile devices will surpass 362.7 million units in 2010, a 96.8 percent increase from 2009 sales of 184.3 million units, according to Gartner, Inc. By 2013, touchscreen mobile devices will account for 58 percent of all mobile device sales worldwide and more than 80 percent in developed markets such as North America and Western Europe.

"Touchscreens are no longer the preserve of high-end devices and are now being included in many midrange phones as more companies have been driving the consumer market for affordable touchscreen phones," said Roberta Co... .. .

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Dev Tip: Calling All Innovators - It's Back And It's Bigger Than Ever!

Friday, 05 March 2010 09:05

Written by Apocalypso


The 2010 Calling All Innovators competition is now accepting entries through 18 May. Last year the competition attracted more than 1,700 submissions from 85 countries, and this year could be even bigger.

Entries may be submitted in any of four categories: Eco/Being Green, Entertainment, Life Improvement, and Productivity.

The prizes will include cash awards of up to $30,000; spotlight placement in Ovi Store; a user experience evaluation; and a free one year membership in Forum Nokia Launchpad, a premier program to accelerate mobile development and elevate business visibility.

Several of the winning apps in last year's Calling All Innovators competition are now available for consumers to download in Ovi Sto... .. .

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Nokia N900 To Get First Meego Build Later This Month!?

Thursday, 04 March 2010 18:52

Written by Apocalypso

meego_tm Nokia and Intel's joint announcement at Mobile World Congress brings new value to using the Qt cross-platform application and UI framework.

Nokia and Intel said they will work together to create MeeGo, a Linux platform that supports multiple mobile hardware architectures, including mobile computers, netbooks, tablets, media phones, connected TVs, and in-vehicle infotainment systems.

Qt is MeeGo's native development framework, meaning developers will be able to write MeeGo applications once, then easily port the... .. .

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Technology: Bluetooth 4.0 specification To Reach Smartphones in Fourth Quarter

Thursday, 04 March 2010 18:25

Written by Apocalypso


The Bluetooth 4.0 wireless specification could start to appear in devices such as headsets, smartphones and PCs by the fourth quarter, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group said on Wednesday.

The new specification will be able to be used in lower-power devices than previous versions of the technology, including watches, pedometers, smart meters and other gadgets that run on coin-cell batteries, said Michael Foley, executive director of the Bluetooth SIG standards-setting organization. Previous versions of Bluetooth could only go into devices with triple-A or larger-capacity batteries.

Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology will enable small and simple wireless tags that help you keep in touch with your enviro... .. .

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Delaware Judge Puts Nokia-Apple Patent Fight On Hold

Thursday, 04 March 2010 18:03

Written by Apocalypso


According to an Associated Press report, a federal judge in Delaware has agreed to put on hold a patent dispute between Apple Inc. and Nokia pending resolution of their competing claims before the International Trade Commission (ITC).

A federal judge in Delaware has agreed to put a patent fight between Apple and Nokia on hold pending resolution of their competing claims before the International Trade Commission.

The judge signed an order Wednesday staying litigation in a lawsuit in which Nokia claims that Apple is infringing on sev... .. .

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Nokia Partners With Automotive Industry To Introduce Terminal Mode - A New Industry Standard For Connecting Smartphones To Into Car Infotainment Systems

Thursday, 04 March 2010 17:31

Written by Apocalypso

car_tm Nokia believes it should be easy to share information and content between your smartphone and other devices you use everyday such as your PC and the web.

This way it is easy to keep everything synchronized and ensure you always have access to the things you love, such as your music, and the services you use, such as navigation, whenever and wherever you need them.

The average person spends between one and two hours per day in their car. Given that their smartphone not only holds their favorite mu... .. .

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Map Loader For Maemo Devices Announced!

Thursday, 04 March 2010 10:31

Written by Apocalypso

navi_n900_tm Good folks from the Nokia Maps Team just announced the very first release of Nokia Map Loader for maemo devices.

Just like the version for Symbian devices, Nokia Map loader for N900 allows you to simply sideload maps to your phone directly from Nokia maps server through your computer, rather than over the air which is especially useful if you are planning on travelling to a new area you are unfamiliar.

This way, you can save a lot on your mobile data service costs and save time downloading map data over-the-air as yo... .. .

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Intel And Orange To Collaborate on MeeGo Platform to Deliver a New Mobile Multimedia Experience on Intel Atom Processor Based Devices

Wednesday, 03 March 2010 11:05

Written by Apocalypso


Establishing a common software framework across multiple devices, ranging from smartphones and tablets to netbooks, Intel and Orange will simplify access to an increasingly mobile and personalized internet and drive uptake of new and existing applications and services.

MeeGo builds on the capabilities of the Moblin core OS and its support for a wide range of device types and reference user experiences, combined with the momentum of Maemo in the mobile industry and the broadly adopted Qt application and UI framework for software developers.

Intel and Orange will work to increase the availability of Orange Signature Services, such as Orange TV and Orange Maps, which will be supported by the MeeGo environ... .. .

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Nokia N900 Hands On

n900 Since the first Linux powered Nokia phone became official last week, there has been a lot of buzz about device and the huge influx of various different photos, videos and even camera samples onto the internet but most of these materials were produced by Nokia Press studios and if you one of those who prefer real user experience over boring press materials read on!

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Bounce Demo Looks Awesome

bounceThe rendering quality offered by a hardware accelerated core and the OMAP chipset is obviously a lot better than through software rendering. The addition of high-performance hardware, Filtering Modes, MIPMapping and higher resolution textures massively improve the appearance of objects removing the ugly, pixelated blockiness seen in softw... .. .

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Vision Of Mixed Reality

mixed As our lives become increasingly digital, and information about our environment becomes both more contextual and readily available, we will soon want to interact with the ever-growing amounts of information and expect capabilities provided by mobile technology to be delivered in more intuitive and convenient ways. Rather than having to acti... .. .

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