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Qik Is An Excellent Example Of A Powerful and Easy-To-Use Application

Wednesday, 02 December 2009 21:29

Written by Apocalypso.

qik_topThe good folks from over at official Nokia Conversations blog have recorded a short video demo in a bid to show how easy it is to stream live video using Qik.

Qik is an excellent example of a powerful, easy-to-use application, it lets anyone easily stream live video from their handset, sharing their moments in real-time with selected friends and family or the entire world.

As a PRO member of Forum Nokia, the world's largest mobile developer support organization, Qik received tools and technical information to implement the seamless integration on more than three dozen Nokia handsets including company’s first Linux based smartphone.

Qikkers can share their Qik content directly from their handsets to offer such easy cross-posting of live mobile videos. Videos can be uploaded automatically from their device without users having to manually send them via the phone or website.

Broadcasting Live Streaming Video With QIK App

Source: NC blog

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