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Viral Maemo Marketing Continues With New Mysterious Video!

Monday, 02 November 2009 21:42

Written by Chris McFann

It isn't over. Oh no. The mysterious N900 continues to be the subject of more mysterious viral marketing videos, courtesy of a vague video email from WOMWorld this morning.

This time it is set in the previously empty interrogation room first seen on MaemoProject.com, focus of a previous N900 contest and marketing campaign. You remember, right?

Click the penguin when it appeared to win an N900? Anyway, this time, the interrogation room is filled with 4 people, along with at least four others watching through an observation window. See for yourself:

New Mysterious Video!

Just a little of that old Arsenio Hall flavor, as in "Things that make you go 'Hmmmm...'" Any clues? I can't get a grip on it thus far, but keep an eye on the forums as we work to figure it out.

Maybe it's tied to the announcement that the N900 is here, and since it was delayed, we all get an extra one free for a friend. Or maybe not so much...."


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