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About Maemo Freak!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009 00:00

Written by Apocalypso.

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contactus_topMaemo Freak (MF) is a non-profit educational resource dedicated to providing the most comprehensive gathering of the latest news from the Maemo Smart Phone World.

MF is focused on helping the visitors to find the services and information they want and need the most. Services like hardware and software reviews, error fixes, modding, tutorials, viruses, hacks and other things of interest to so called Maemo Power Users.

The Smartphone users want fast, efficient web service and Maemo Freak provides just that, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

One of the main goals of our site is to provide the latest breaking news and premium services to our visitors. Apart from the latest news, Maemo-freak also offers various resources to make your time online most efficient. It is a detailed and rapidly growing forum community where our team of experts provide professional and unlimited support for every single member.

The site is continuously updated with the latest news, freeware applications and games, tips & tricks, survey results and general information about Maemo related products.

In short, to be up to date and to get more out of your favourite device don't forget to bookmark this site ;)

Sure, maybe we are still very small in compare to many other forums/sites with similar thematic, but in short amount of time with more than 600000 unique visitors per month we have met the basic goal we had, to make this site a place where everyone is a welcome as well as a place where people will hang out and enjoy.

I’ll take this page as the opportunity to thanks again to all of our very active members, each one of who have done remarkably a lot to make this site stand where it is and not be a dream broken very soon.

We promise you that MF will only become bigger and better and we are open for suggestion, so if you have an idea and/or suggestion, please feel free to share it with us. I would like if everyone could give some likings and dislikings, why you like this site or why you don’t, where we are doing perfect, where we need to improve, your experience here and whatever you think you can share.

MF wouldn't be on this great position without YOU! That's right, every single one of you MF Members and Friends, without you, this wouldn't be possible!

In the name of MF team, Admin and Moderators,
Sincerely yours,



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