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Latest rumours: Nokia N920 Spotted In The Wild!?

Thursday, 15 October 2009 09:28

Written by Apocalypso.

nokia_n920 The first information about the slimmer and keyboard-less variant of the Nokia’s flagship device has made the rounds throughout the internet rumour mill couple of months ago even before official release of the Nokia N900 now thanks to the folks over at nokia port we just got the first blurry photo of what is said to be the next Nokia’s Maemo based device.

As of now, there is no word about specifications and photos aren’t confirmed by any official sources whatsoever, but phone look so real that is hardly to believe that something like this is photoshopped hoax!? I'm not saying that couldn't be faked or this is not yet another Chinese clone that physically resembles the Nokia N900 but it looks too good to not be true.

According to folks over at iMobile365, the new Nokia N920 may be first Nseries device equipped with capacitive screen and multitouch support which leads to conclusion that it could be powered with the upcoming Maemo 6 OS that is supposed to bring native support for the multitach commands but it is not expected to be available before the mid to late 2010?!?

What are your thoughts on N920? Is it appealing to you because of the keyboard-less design or maybe because of the capacitive screen and the multitouch support!? How long you are ready to wait for N920 or you can’t wait at all and you’ll rather get N900 with its hardware QWERTY keyboard and update it to Maemo 6 once when it will be available!?



Source: Pocketables

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