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Nokia To Radically Change Strategy And Replace Symbian With Linux Based Maemo OS?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009 00:00

Written by Apocalypso.

evil_tux_00 According to several industry sources Nokia is planning to dump Symbian for Maemo as part of company’s concerted strategy to beat the Apple and its iPhone!

The world's leading mobile phone maker, will show its first high-end phone running on the latest version of Maemo platform (which according to numerous sources, has been in the works for quite some time) next week at the annual Nokia World conference in Stuttgart, Germany.

Nokia has dabbled with Maemo since 2005 and its first Internet tablet, but recently leaked Nokia N900 will be the first of its kind with a fully functional cell part which is worrisome sign that Nokia might radically changes its strategy to throw away Symbian and use Linux based Maemo OS to power its high-end touchscreen Smartphones!?

"It looks like Maemo, or at least a Linux derivative of some description, will play a key role for Nokia in high-end (products) over the next year or two," said Neil Mawston from Strategy Analytics.

"Maemo is clearly far more flexible than Symbian, so it's a better option for advanced devices using various display technologies and rapidly evolving user-interface software," said analyst Tero Kuittinen from MKM Partners.

A Nokia spokesman said the company could not comment on future phone launches but it is hard to believe that company will dumb Symbian after it has invested years and hundreds of millions of Euros to make it open source and more competitive in the high-performance Smartphone market.

Nokia, which makes roughly four out of every 10 mobile phones sold, has been losing out in the market for phones that can access the internet, send emails and download third-party applications, to products such as the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Storm. The Android software platform, meanwhile, has been gaining ground with over half a dozen handsets expected to be available by the end of the year.

Analysts at HSBC reckon Nokia had 47% of the global smartphone market in 2007; that was down to 35% last summer and 31% at the end of the year. The smartphone segment is critical as it is the only part of the mobile phone market which is growing. Cash-strapped consumers are either holding on to their existing phones and opting for cheaper SIM-only deals or "trading up" to more advanced gadgets such as the iPhone. Opting to use Android, an "open source" platform that any software developer can access, is a reversal of the company's previous strategy in mobile phone software.


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