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The New and Awesome Nokia N900 Brings Specifications Beyond Your Wildest Imaginations

Thursday, 27 August 2009 00:00

Written by Apocalypso.

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n900_superWell, with its 3,5" resistive touchscreen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, HSPA and Wi-Fi, 5 MPX cam with Carl Zeiss optic and dual led flash, huge in-built storage and pretty much the same design, the Nokia N900 doesn't look that different from the company’s flagship smartphone, Nokia N97.

As a matter of fact, at the first sight it doesn't seems something extraordinary but that's because you don't have the entire picture and because the real beauty comes from inside not from outside!

The first of all, Nokia N900 brings specifications beyond your wildest imaginations and is based on the new, fresh and eye-catching Maemo 5 software, fully open source operating system hailing from the computing world with revamped UI relying on graphics acceleration.

"What we have with Maemo is something that is fusing the power of the computer, the internet and the mobile phone, and it is great to see that it is evolving in exciting ways." says Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President, Markets, Nokia.

Unlike with Nokia N97, there is nothing to hide this time and Nokia is proud to reveal that its latest baby is powered with the great Texas’ OMAP 3430: ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz chipset and up to 1GB of application memory (256 MB RAM, 768 MB virtual memory)!

With such a powerful processor, PowerVR SGX GPU and 1GB of application memory, the Nokia N900 is a multitasking monster that will allow you to have dozens of windows, services and apps open and running at the same time in the background.

Thanks to the OMAP 3 architecture Nokia N900 delivers up to 3x gain in performance over ARM11-based processors that is Nokia N97 based on and enabling laptop-like productivity and advanced entertainment. The OMAP3430 processor embeds Imagination Technologies' POWERVR SGX graphics core, and supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG™, providing superior graphics performance and advanced user interface capabilities that N97 users can only dream about!

Experience MAEMO - User Interface Intro

The OMAP3430 is the first chipset that integrates the ARM’s Cortex-A8 superscalar microprocessor core. Combined with TI's technology the Cortex-A8 enables faster user interfaces, faster data access and boosts productivity and entertainment applications on the mobile phone, while maintaining power efficiencies expected in a handset.

TI is also enabling sophisticated and dynamic images with "smart pixel" technology offered via OpenGL ES 2.0. This unique technology allows each pixel in an image to be programmed individually, giving developers the power to create rich effects with cinematic realism. Users will now experience "life-like" facial features, advanced reflection effects and multi-textured backgrounds in the mobile environment.

The device has a WVGA touch screen supports 10/2 HSPA and Wi-Fi. It looks like browser is based on Mozilla technology, so the websites should look like they would look on your desktop computer. Even better, flash videos and interactive applications are vivid with full Adobe Flash 9.4 support!

The N900 support up to 10 email accounts and Nokia also claims that you’ll not need more than four touches to set up email account. The homescreen is interactive and can be fully personalized with shortcuts, widgets, applications and games and the only question how strong is Memo developers scene because even the best Smartphone platform isn’t as strong and smart without support of the 3rd party games and applications!?

The best of all, phone is supposed to be available in selected markets from October 2009 with an estimated retail price of EUR500 before taxes and subsidies!

To sum up, just a few days after announcing its first netbook and latest rumours about ARM powered Smartbook, Nokia has taken another step in its efforts to blur the line between mobile phones and PCs and the only question is what the Nokia N900 is!? Nokia’s first Linux based Smartphone or it is more like Mobile Internet Device!? Whatever it is, Nokia N900 is great device and I think I’m in love!!

Now it is obviously that Maemo is clearly far more flexible than Symbian and move towards Maemo marks a shift away from Nokia's reliance on Symbian, which currently powers its smartphone range. It looks like a better option for advanced devices using various display technologies and rapidly evolving user-interface software or maybe I am totally wrong and the forthcoming Foundation OS will surprise us all!?

3.5" touchscreen, 800x480 resolution. The screen shrinks from the N810's 4.13" but keeps the same resolution. Software won't take a big hit on this since the resolution is the same, but applications that rely on very precise touchscreen use may be more difficult.

TI OMAP 3430 ARM Cortex-A8 CPU at 600 MHz. This is a massive upgrade over the TI OMAP 2420 at 400 MHz. Faster faster!

Up to 1GB Application Memory. This is a plus but not as big as it looks. There's only 256 MB of "real" RAM and the rest is attributed to swap. Still - the RAM amount is doubled over the N810 and the usable swap is six times the size.

32 GB storage. Wow. That's massive. This puts the N900 squarely in the "multimedia computer" space and even has more storage than some SSD netbooks. The N810 had only 2GB internal. Both support MicroSD (through a MiniSD adapter on the N810)

Size: About 113 cubic centimeters and 181 grams. That's down from about 129 cubic centimeters and 228 grams. it will feel better in your hand as a phone.

3-row Keyboard. This part took the biggest hit. The large D-pad and four-row keyboard was replaced by a three row keyboard with a squashed spacebar and arrow keys that can't easily be used for gaming (not that the N810 ever did much of that.)

Wireless connectivity: This is the first Maemo tablet that is actually a PHONE. With that, we get 3.5G HSPA, GPRS, EDGE,WiFi, and Bluetooth 2.1. That's a major boost over the WiFi/Bluetooth that the N810 gave us.

Additional Communication: The N900 now includes TV out, an FM transmitter, a real A-GPS receiver (hopefully destroying the long lock times that the N810 suffered) and a micro-USB connector. The N810 had micro-USB and a GPS. The new features are fun toys, but won't be massive selling points.

CAMERA: The new camera features represent a massive shift from the previous generation tablets. The N800 had a cute pop-out rotating webcam that worked badly. The N810 had a front-facing webcam that worked badly. The N900 has a 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera with a digital zoom, dual-LED flash, macro mode, and MPEG4 recording up to 848x480 at up to 25FPS. The Maemo tablets are now on par with high-end Nokia Nseries devices and soundly beat the pants off iPhones and Blackberries.


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