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FM radio Application For N900 Gets Intuitive and Cool looking UI

Friday, 30 October 2009 06:59

Written by Apocalypso.

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fmradioAs many of you are aware the release of the Nokia N900 has been delayed several times. This has been due mainly to Nokia desire to finally make things right and give their customers exactly what they deserve and that's the best Smartphone on the market.

The hardware is ready and waiting for the firmware which is the key to everything and there are still couple of missing features and few rough spots where the developers haven't completely finished their work.

Technically, there is only so much that can be done with hardware but when it comes to software the sky is the limit. Operating systems are always a work in progress and the work is never done to improve them!

Nokia also belief that product like Maemo is ideally suited for open source model and is hoping it will manage to attract hobby developers and large open source community around Linux, which will help it grow and mature into the leading solution for building rich and user friendly mobile applications.

Thanks to the delay, community developers have more time to polish their existing software and even create new applications that will help Nokia to not offer yet another half-cooked buggy brick.

Anyway, as I have already reported couple of weeks ago, community member Martin Grimme, also known as PyCage has managed to successfully receive FM radio on his Nokia N900 and now folks from over at Maemo UI improvements blog have decided to help him with it and create something visually appealing and easy to use.I

f you are familiar with an old radio UI from the Nokia N800 you’ll be positively surprised with the intuitive and cool looking Ui that guys from the MUIIB working on. Current UI mimics old-fashioned radio “ruller” . Pan around it to tune the station. That’s basically the only feature you’ll need, but they have decided to add some additional functionality.


These dot marks are saved radio stations. When you tune one you will see either saved name or RDS stream if supported on the bottom. Tap that label to open up favourites menu. If the station is not in the list – you can add it (in real life just double tap on the label – easy) and if it’s already in the list – you can remove it (with confirmation).


Same menu will be opened if you click the station frequency number and it will show you list of all saved stations.

If you have found station that’s not in the list – you’ll see “save station” instead of label – try to guess what you have to do to save this station :)


And the last one bit of extra functionality is location selector. Tap the application’s title to open it. If you travel alot and a radio fan the same time – you can add location you’re going to, for example, download the list for it (or add stations manually) and start using radio in another city right on arrival.


They are also planning to add “stream recording” option later so you can, you know, record FM stream which is something that I missing a lot on the Symbian devices!

Also I would like to suggest you all to make a small donation to show your appreciation and to support future development.
I made a small donation yesterday and published this article to promote the project and if you find their work useful and would like to support them, a small donation would be greatly appreciated.

If you are interesting in testing and or improving this Python based application you can find more about at the project page and the developer’s blog.


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