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Nimbuzz Application To Be Ported For The Nokia N900!

Saturday, 17 October 2009 09:09

Written by Apocalypso.

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nimbuzz_n900_maemoAccording to a recent post and the poll results (Nokia Maemo 43%, Linux 19, Blackberry Bold 18%, Symbian UIQ 17% and Palm Pre just 3%) on the official Nimbuzz blog, the next supported device will be Nokia N900 and they’ll start with porting application to Maemo 5 platform as soon as possible!!!

The results show clearly that Nokia Maemo is one the most popular operating systems, with 43% of users votes it leads the list of most requested operating systems to be supported and leaves others trailing behind close to each other. Linux, Blackberry and Symbian OS are on the second, third and forth place.

The poll results also show that there are a lot of Open Source fans among you which is great! Linux is second option in our top and this can be explained by the growing numbers of Netbooks and notebooks that run on Ubuntu. The Ubuntu UI has evolved a lot in the last few years and besides being free is much more user friendly and intuitive than it used to be.

Nimbuzz is a free application, launched last year in May that allows you to call, chat and text with your friends on virtually every major IM service including Skype, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk, AIM, GaduGadu, Jabber and Twitter, plus 23 social networks including Facebook and MySpace.

To be totally honest with you I didn’t take a look at Nimbuzz before but it definitely looks like a great service and I’ll sign for beta testing for sure and keep you informed about.

Nimbuzz has positioned itself to become the largest global communications platform for seamless IP-based communication among mobile devices and social media platforms.In January 2009, Nimbuzz was awarded the prestigious Red Herring Global 100 award, as the first aggregated mobile instant messenger product ever.

In July 2008, Nimbuzz was recognized by industry experts at AO Stanford Summit as part of the Global Top 250 technology companies for game-changing technology and market value, and won Best Mobile Startup in its category at Mobile 2.0 Europe.


Source: Nimbuzz Blog

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