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Video Presentation Of The Koffice’s Maemo 5 UI

Monday, 12 October 2009 05:44

Written by Apocalypso.

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KOffice Maemo UISuresh Chande from the Nokia Maemo Devices R&D at Helsinki has made quite interesting video presentation KOffice running on a Maemo 5.

The application uses a custom user interface specifically designed to fit in with the Maemo 5 style. Part of the projects goals is to help KOffice mature its loading and rendering of MSOffice documents.
It is also important to point out that all contributions to KOffice have been made directly inside the KOffice subversion repository.This Office UI will be open sourced and will be available for download from Maemo extras-devel respository soon.

The Office UI developed for Maemo 5 will be open sourced and if you want to contribute join project at maemo.gitorious.org to mature this application for making it end user ready and if you are interested to improve the core of the Office Engine join the KOffice community.

The KOffice supports ODF and MS Office formats. The basically means that KOffice on Maemo 5 benefits from this and hence we have the first ODF complaint Office viewer which can also handle MS Office formats.

KOffice running on Maemo 5

For those who want to know, KOffice is an integrated office suite built on the KDE platform. It utilizes free and open standards like OpenDocument for its document formats, component communication and component embedding.

Source: Chande's Blog


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