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Nokia To Offer KOffice Based Office Viewer for Nokia N900

Thursday, 17 September 2009 16:38

Written by Apocalypso.

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koffice_maemoThe KOffice team proudly announced today that Nokia has packaged their cross-platform office suite for Maemo 5 environment with addition of the new and finger friendly Maemo 5 UI.

This particularly means that KOffice is now fully compatible with the latest Maemo device but due the numerous bugs in this early beta stage it will not be embedded directly into the device and will be made available for download as 3rd party application in a typical Linux’s 'release early and often' policy.

Yeah I know, it doesn't sounds that brilliant but early and frequent releases are a critical part of the open source development model that works to your advantage and opens communication pathways between developers and potential users and helps them to focus on the important features, optimizations and crucial bug-fixes.

Just to make it absolutely clear, this is not a commercial product of Maemo but is a contribution by Nokia to Open Source. Nokia has created a document viewer for the Maemo 5 platform (Fremantle) based on KOffice and uses the KWord and KPresenter applications to load and display word processor and presentation documents.

The application uses a custom user interface specifically designed to fit in with the Maemo 5 style. Part of the projects goals is to help KOffice mature its loading and rendering of MSOffice documents. It is also important to point out that all contributions to KOffice have been made directly inside the KOffice subversion repository.

The KOffice document viewer for Maemo 5 will be shown for the first time at Maemo Summit in Amsterdam between October the 9th and 11th. This release is a bit unfortunately timed as the official KOffice2.1 release will likely be one or two weeks later making the Fremantle office use the release candidate at first.

For those who want to know, KOffice is an integrated office suite built on the KDE platform. It utilizes free and open standards like OpenDocument for its document formats, component communication and component embedding.



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