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Eagerly Awaited Ovi Store For Nokia N900 Goes Live Today!!!

Monday, 11 January 2010 19:49

Written by Apocalypso.

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After morning’s news about the firmware update that brings some minor improvements here and there, enhancements of the user interface and addition of the non-functional OVI application catalogue, I’m pleased to tell you that Nokia’s OVI Store has today reached another major milestone by adding support for Maemo platform!!

The first public Beta version of Nokia's eagerly awaited Ovi Store for Maemo devices is finally available and the just released catalog can only be accessed from Nokia N900 through the web browser.

If your one of lucky Nokia N900 owners you can test Ovi Store by pointing your browser to store.ovi.mobi and join ‘the buy it on the go’ fun. Although application catalogue is very small right now it aims to grow and will definitely help Nokia’s first Linux based Smartphone to be more competitive in the market!

The beauty of Smartphones is in ability to extend its capabilities by adding third-party applications and therefore application store is very important distribution mechanism as it greatly reduces pathway cost of mobile phone software developers reaching users, in fact it can be the reason whether platform deserves to live or die!

Unlike traditional mobile storefronts, the Ovi Store, if enabled by the consumers, will target those consumers with tailored content based on Nokia's unique ability to take advantage of and learn from the consumer's location and social connections. From this point on, the media you consume is no longer just about "what" you're buying, but also now about "where," "when," "why," and "who" bought what.



Source: Especially 10X 2 Biggzy for the heads up ;)

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