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Nokia’s Alberto Torres has confirmed first Maemo 6 based device for the second half of 2010!

Wednesday, 02 December 2009 18:56

Written by Apocalypso.

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n900_superAt the company's capital markets day, executive vice president Solutions Alberto Torres has confirmed that there will be more Maemo handsets and that company will launch its first device based on Maemo 6, the latest generation of its Linux base mobile operating system, in the second half of 2010!

Nokia is describing Maemo 6 as delivering an “iconic user experience and integrated internet services in one aesthetic package” and will based on Qt technology which is supposed to make it possible to develop modern, advanced UIs on Maemo 6 as well as on Symbian devices.

Maemo 6 has a user interface which is easy to use and a strong focus on Internet-based social networking services and user experience will be a key focus for Nokia, he added.

Alberto Torres holds the position of Executive Vice President, Solutions, responsible for defining the portfolio of Nokia's solutions across the company, leading Nokia's efforts in design and user experience, and developing computer grade solutions and products based on Nokia's Maemo platform.

Couple of weeks back at the second annual Maemo Summit in Amsterdam Nokia previewed the next version of its Linux based platform for Smartphone and Mobile Internet Devices (MID). Sneak peek at Maemo 6 platform showed off a nice array of eye candy and some actually useful bits, like support for capacitive screens, multitouch, gestures, desktop filled with widgets and advanced graphics effects that are scheduled to be in the release about a year from now.


The new multi-touch and gestures support will enables user interaction with more than one finger, and combines sequential touch inputs to a 'gesture'. The main benefits of this new functionality will allows users to interact with applications in better ways, simplifying finger-based interaction with UI components, allowing common basic gestures and multi-touch gestures as well as enabling extensibility.


The whole Maemo community is buzzing about this preview, and beside the addition of the multitouch support, feature that has been the loudest is addition of completely scalable UI as well as automated and seamless switching between portrait and landscape mode.


Source: WSJ

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