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Nokia's N900 Support Site Is Now Online

Monday, 23 November 2009 18:04

Written by Apocalypso.

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n900_superIf you're one of those who can't wait (we can't blame you; most of us feel the same way) to get your hands on hottest Nokia device during the last couple of years, here's some good news!

Nokia's N900 support site is online now which basically means that final version of the user manual is available for you to download and go through. Beside the user manual, support pages include detailed specifications, Interactive Demonstrations, PC and phone software as well as useful tips and tricks and detailed FAQ section.

You can learn how to Personalise your Nokia N900, how to switch between running applications , how to set up your email in moments, add tags to your photos, update the phone's operating system and much, much more.

Also I would like to let you know that my device is on the way (mainly 10X to my good friends over at WOMWorld and Nokia as well) and I'm expecting to get it before the end of the week so all of you who would like to get some info about device before the final decision you’ll be able to get an answer on most of your question over at our forum section.

That’s’ all folks, see you soon ;)


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