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N900 Will Be "Gone 'Til November"

Thursday, 22 October 2009 16:17

Written by Chris McFann

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psychoI can hear Wyclef Jean, famous singer, rapper, and producer, singing his hit "Gone 'Til November" as we speak.

And looks like Peter Schneider, Head of Maemo Marketing, and Jussi Mäkinen, Maemo Devices Marketing Manager, will be singing background. That's the tune they've been broadcasting as of yesterday.

First I received the tip from a fellow Freak, Naughty, who pointed us to an article on a Finnish website, Puhelinvertailu.com, and then got direct confirmation from Peter Schneider on the Maemo.org Forums with the following post:

In reference to your questions on the expected shipment date of the Nokia N900, let me tell you the latest information from Nokia:

The Nokia N900 is a great example of what we and the open source community have been able to achieve with Maemo software. We are working closely with open source developers and for example, at the Maemo Summit in October, we loaned 300 pre-production units to get more feedback from the community. This feedback is extremely important to us and as such we also want to provide the best user experience with the Nokia N900.

We expect it to start shipping during November 2009.

Peter Schneider
Head of Maemo Marketing
Nokia Corporation

While this is devastating to the gadget lovers everywhere, it is also evidence that Nokia is betting heavily on the N900, and departing from its usual "release now, fix later" way of handling its firmware. It actually instills confidence in Nokia I had nearly lost at one time. Nokia has big plans for Maemo, and knows a first impression is lasting.

The N900 is the most anticipated device of the year without a doubt. It is the biggest preselling device on Amazon.com, and obviously being considered by a wider audience than Nokia or anyone could have predicted. Many former high end Symbian device users are migrating to the N900. Not all of the consumers will be experienced tech reviewers and geeks like the 300+ device reviewers that got long term trial devices at the Maemo Summit, and the importance of the user experience for neophytes and the mass market could make or break the Maemo OS in general.

From all of the info available about the N900, a vast majority of the credible reviews were filled with astonishment and praise, and I myself am above impressed. That they want to improve certain things about the device means we'll be getting an even better experience, all at the expense of an extra 1-4 weeks. Not bad, once you put it into perspective, and pretty agile of Nokia to see the relatively small issues and get them fixed in such short time.

Let's hope this level of responsiveness and consumer focus is what we can expect from Nokia in the future across all of its device portfolio moving forward. Until then, we'll just sit back, and listen to this Wyclef jam, because the N900 will be "Gone 'Til November." Jussi and Peter have background, and I'll do the rapping solo...


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