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Nokia N900 Bargian Hunter News

Friday, 02 October 2009 06:23

Written by Chris McFann

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n900_superThe Nokia N900, Nokia's recently announced Maemo Linux smartphone, is already one of the most talked about electronics devices on the web. Even getting mentioned on The iPhone Blog, the N900 has shockingly risen into the top ten best selling unlocked mobile devices above $500 on Amazon.com, and all via preorders, with the device not expected on retail shelves for another 2-4 weeks.

Obviously, the world has been N900 shopping. Nokia.com lists the N900 at 499 GBP in the UK, and $649 USD in the US along with a free bluetooth headset. But what type of deals can be had for those willing to search for the best deal? Is the N900 really as expensive as previously announced, or are there opportunities to get this powerhouse for a reasonable price?

I did a little sleuthing of my own, searching for the best N900 deals in the land. I ignored the "too good to be true" offers (One retailer claimed to have the N900 in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Yeah, that's the ticket...), and focused on the known and respected retailers' offers instead. Here's what I found:

In the United States, the Nokia N900 is available straight from the manufacturer, but if you check Amazon.com, you can get the N900 for a steal at $583 unlocked and SIM free, a full $66 savings over the Nokia price. Unfortunately, there is no carrier partner announced for the States just yet, so there are no subsidized offers to announce. It doesn't look like Nokia will be making any major inroads in the US market with the iPhone and most Android and WebOS models heavily subsidized. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that situation changes for the better. America's smartphone market could use an iPhone diversion.

In the United Kingdom, the Nokia N900 is also available direct from Nokia. I haven't been about to find anything lower than the direct unlocked SIM free price offered by Nokia. But Vodaphone offers the device FREE with an 18 month contract at 29 GBP per month! This doesn't surprise me much, since the European regulatory commissions long ago implemented laws to promote competition and protect the consumer, unlike the train wreck I deal with in the US. Wake up, FCC!

Is the N900 available in your area? What sort of deals are you seeing in your region? What are the carriers offering the device for on contract? Register today tell us all about it in our forum discussion.


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