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Nokia Cityman: Your Chance To Win N900 or N97 Mini

Monday, 14 September 2009 15:43

Written by Apocalypso.

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winnersEncouraged by the success and the great reactions to the Cityman Antitheft camping, folks over at official Nokia Nseries blog have decided to hold auditions in order to find the next Cityman! For those who don’t know, the Cityman Antitheft is designed to keep your N97 safe from criminally insane Symbian Freaks :)

In the 80´s Citymen were confidently striding through the financial district, massive phone (nicknamed Gorba) in one hand and briefcase in the other. But now we’re looking for the 21st Century Cityman!

To enter, here’s what you do you’ll need to use the Cityman Antitheft device and get someone to take a photo of you (80’s style gives you extra points!) If you haven’t managed to get your hands on the Super limited edition Cityman Antitheft, print below linked pdf file and give your Nokia N97 outfit that perfectly matches the software and hardware inside :)))))

Once when you manage top take the perfect phot upload your picture to Nokia Citman Comp on Ovi share (By uploading a picture to this share online account you agree with competition terms and conditions and to be able to upload you need to be signed in to your Ovi account)

The deadline for submitting pictures is 5.10.09. Nokia jury selects the 10 best pictures that will be running towards becoming the Cityman 2009. The shortlisted pictures will be posted at the Nseries blog where the visitors have two weeks to vote for the winner.

Nokia Cityman

The winner gets it all! The 1st prize is of course the title of official Cityman 2009, but with this prestigious position come benefits, such as being among the first in the whole world to get one of the newly announced Nseries products Nokia N97mini or Nokia N900, the choice is yours. The winner is announced in the Nseries blog and will be contacted through Ovi mail, so please activate it on Ovi when you submit your entry.

To get the right feeling, we suggest you to download the Cityman application. It will make your N97 look and feel like the original Cityman-mobile phone. Who needs these multimedia devices anyways?

Donna and Tom over at WOM World/Nokia have already got involved so take a look for inspiration.



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