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Enabel Root Access And Take Full Control Over File System

Saturday, 02 January 2010 21:33

Written by Apocalypso.

gainroot_topIf you need to tweak, delete or overwrite a system file in Nokia’s Symbian powered devices, you’ll quickly notice that you cannot change or even browse files and applications on the system partition of the phone. For instance if you want to overcome a security measures to install unsigned simple freeware application or game you’ll need to hack your phone or use Symbian’s rather annoying signing service.

This obnoxious concept was introduced by Nokia few years ago with its first S60 3rd edition phone (N80) and it is based on the idea that nobody gets access to these data caged directories which indeed improves the security but at the same time it makes these devices modding unfriendly and not very popular among so called power users.

Fortunately Maemo is an open source platform and it is easy for users to bypass to bypass its rater symbolic security measures and unlocks the file system. Having root access is an important step for users interested in modifying things "under the covers" of their devices, tweaks such as boot animation; without it, you won't have the necessary permissions to make those modifications.

As a matter of fact, even Nokia itself is pushing the power under the hood of the N900 by organizing Push N900 competition for hackers and modders. With Nokia keen to highlight the phone is more than just a decent hardware, Push project invites users to think about what could be done with the phone and appeals directly to independent developers and software freedom lovers to encouraged them to hack it and to makes it even better than it is “out of the box.”

Root access is not required to install additional applications through Application Manager, open X Terminal or use your tablet in day-to-day operation but it is necessary if you want to edit the underlying system configuration, install applications through the command line or other low-level tasks, you will require root access. "sudo gainroot" will work without requiring you to enable R&D mode; and "rootsh " is intended to be a quick way to run a single command.

The easiest method to enable root access is to install Rootsh application as it does not require a desktop computer or running additional services, it is the recommended method for gaining root access.

So just go to App manager, enable Extras catalogue if you already didn’t, get the Rootsh , close manager. Run terminal as a matter of fact it is highly suggestible to install Midnigh Commander and use it instead o X terminal, and Enable root access, by running the "sudo gainroot" command. "sudo gainroot" will work without requiring you to enable R&D mode; and "rootsh " is intended to be a quick way to run a single command.

Note: Some scripts require rootsh to run properly, so it's recommended to have both suders and rootsh installed if you're using sudser. Sudser adds the user to sudoers so you can use the sudo command to run commands as root. It is available in Extras, and can be installed from the Application manager if you have Extras enabled. Then, from the shell, run sudo command. This will execute command with root privileges.

You must be aware this little tweak gives you unlimited access to all sys files, so be careful and think twice before chnaging any of the system files! Use Rootsh aoo and gainroot command at your own risk, Maemo Freak team and this site can’t take any responsibility if you damage your phone!


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