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Take The RedPill To Unlock Advance Features & Install DEB Files On Nokia N900

Wednesday, 30 December 2009 20:32

Written by Apocalypso.

redpill_topIf you are a big fan of the Matrix movie I'm betting you have already heard the pop culture term ‘redpill’. The movie relies on the premise that an artificial reality that is advanced enough will be indistinguishable from reality and that no test exists that can conclusively prove that reality is not a simulation.

Borrowing from the movie, the terms blue pill and red pill have become a popular metaphor for the choice between the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue) and embracing the sometimes painful, sometimes pleasant, truth of reality (red).

Well, in virtual Maemo’s world it is pretty much the same, Application manager normally works in a Blue Pill mode that includes many safety locks in place to reduce the risk of the user accidentally damaging their tablet by installing harmful packages.

Red-Pill modifies the behavior of Application manager to disables certain safety features, and allows access to certain additional settings. It changes the way Application manager behaves, primarily by removing many of the safety locks that prevent users from installing harmful packages, or upgrading or replacing important system packages (which can result in reboot loops).

It also hides packages that aren't relevant to users, and shows additional settings to tweak specific behaviors (like whether to cache packages to the internal memory card during installation).

In this mode, only packages in a user/* section will be displayed in the Application manager, but when Red Pill mode is enabled, packages outside of user/*, and magic packages will also be displayed. Packages outside of user/* are generally of no concern to the average user, as they will either be pulled in as dependencies for packages which do concern the user, or installed from Xterm with apt-get.

WARNING: Red Pill is not intended for use by users, power-users, nor the vast majority of developers. Red Pill mode is very likely to break your tablet and should not be used unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Activating the Red Pill mode

For the vast majority of people, using Red Pill is inadvisable. Please don't use it unless you know exactly what you are doing. To enable Red Pill mode:

  • Open Application manager and go to "Tools -> Application catalogue"
  • Click "New"
  • Type "matrix" into the "Web Address" field
  • Click "Cancel" (N900: tap outside the window)
  • Tap "Red" in the dialog to enabled Red Pill mode, or "Blue" to keep the Application manager as-is or to disable Red Pill.

N900: The Red-Pill mode is not persistent after being enabled. Closing the Application manager, disables Red Pill.

Setting available after activating the Red-Pill mode

Listed below are the setting options available for your N900 or Maemo based handsets, once the Red-Pill mode has been enabled for the Application Manager.

Clean apt cache: When Clean apt cache is activated, an equivalent of “apt-get clean” is performed after every install or update in your N900, which is almost similar to the behavior for blue-pill mode.

Assume net connection: Assume net connection will not ask for an active IAP before downloading. This setting is beneficial if you are using a network connection, however, the tablet connectivity API’s are not available in this mode.

Break locks: As the name indicates, the Break Locks can be used to break the required safety locks. This is default behavior of the Blue-Pill mode in N900 or the Maemo based handsets.

Show dependencies and Show all packages: Some dependencies from the package are displayed on the details dialog when the “show dependencies” is selected from the settings. The “Show all packages” setting allows you to view and install packages from any section.

Show magic system package: With not yet disclosed functionalities, Show magic system package is certain to include “magic:sys” package in the list of packages into your device. Updating that package is similar to “apt-get upgrade” of your device.

Include package details in log: If “Include package details in log” setting is active, then the details dialog of any will be saved as a Log, which can be accessed easily and used while reporting complicated dependency issues.

Use MMC to download packages: MMC settings enable you to downloaded packages into a temporary directory of available MMC having sufficient free space. From the temporary directory, the packages are then installed into the flash memory. MMC’s can be considered as either internal or removable MMC.

Always check for updates: Enabling this setting removes the refresh button from the toolbar and performs a “Checking for updates” operation whenever you switch to the “Browse installable applications” or “Check for updates” view.

ONCE AGAIN: Red Pill is not intended for use by users, power-users, nor the vast majority of developers. Red Pill mode is very likely to break your tablet and should not be used unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Source: The Org


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