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PUSH N900: The First Team Video - Solderin' Skaters Week 1

Thursday, 17 December 2009 10:57

Written by Apocalypso.

n900_pushGood folks over at official Nokia Nseries blog have just published the very first video update from one of the winning PUSH N900 teams in which Solderin Skaters showing their project and explains how they’re planning on turning it into reality.

Following the recent launch of Nokia’s PUSH N900 project at the onedotzero ‘Adventures in moving image’ event in London couple of week ago, Nokia was inundated with "hundreds" of cool, innovative and wacky N900 hacks and mods, from all four corners of the globe.

After the judges whittled the entries down, PUSH N900 had a total of five winning teams that all received funding, assistance and N900 devices for their hacks. Now the fun part has really started, they’re actually bringing their designs to life.

Solderin Skaters and The Haptic Guide teams already running basic, working prototypes and the Sketch Your World and KAPing With The N900 teams both well underway with programming the mechanics of their builds.

PUSH N900 - Solderin' Skaters Week 1

This video focuses on the early developments of the Solderin’ Skaters team, a group of hackers, programmers and modders hailing from Germany. Their aim is to take skateboarding games back to the streets with their innovative skateboarding application that lets you record your tricks and challenge your friends online.

You can follow the Solderin’ Skaters progress over on their Team page where there’ll be more videos like this, photo updates and regular blog updates giving you a bit more detail on how their project is coming along.

Over the coming weeks, each of the teams will be blogging their progress over on thePUSH N900 blog with pictures from their Flickr and videos from their Youtube accounts, as well as any other way they can find of showing you the cool stuff they’ve all got going on.


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