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Freaker's Special: Mod Your N900 Boot Animation!!

Friday, 16 October 2009 06:30

Written by Chris McFann

animationOne of the best thing about being a mobile Freak is modding the skin off of your mobile to give it your own personal touch. My love for Symbian OS is mainly rooted in being able to really personalize my device.

I've always had custom boot animations on my S60 devices, and wondered how much freedom we could expect from the N900.The guys at "The .Org", the official developer home for Maemo developers, have an answer already, and its amazingly simple.

Maemo.org forum member claesbas knew about the customizability of the Maemo 5 OS, and used his excellent animation skills to make a gorgeous custom boot animation, and submitted it to the community to use. (Isn't the open source philosophy great?) Fellow member VDVsx channeled the knowledge of "Karolina" (possibly another forum member?), and gave this as a quick guide:

"As a matter of fact the hildon-welcome is fully configurable. You don't need to remove/replace the Nokia hands animation file to add your own animation or sound to the startup. Hildon-welcome supports unlimited number of "logo animations" (either video or image+sound) in sequence. It reads all configuration files in the hildon-welcome.d folder and interprets them in alphabetical order. "


1. Copy the video to /usr/share/hildon-welcome/media
2. Go to /etc/hildon-welcome.d/ and edit the default.conf file or create a similar one (the videos will play by the alphabetic order of the .conf files) "

Now if you the above guide, along with claesbas' custom animation video, you get something that transforms your device startup from the vanilla Nokia shaking hands we've seen for years into this:


N900 Alternative Boot Video

I think that's ULTRA cool, and suggest even downloading claesbas' custom 3200x480 wallpaper to match the look of the startup animation, leaving you with something everyone will envy.

Of course, you're free to use any video file in a format readable by the N900 (And that means just about any format), so you could make one just for yourself, or ones to share with friends. All you 3D, video, and animation Freaks should be all over this! I'm looking forward to a dark Maemo Freak 3D animation using the Maemo-Freak.com logo, hint, hint...

We could possibly see themes and device personalization reach levels unseen in mobile history. Customizability will turn out to be a big selling point for the N900 once people see the things users will do to make them their own. Evidently the time has finally come when a manufacturer recognizes that all our mobile devices are belong to US, for us to use as we please. Its quite possible that a Freak has finally found paradise in the Maemo 5 and the N900....


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