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Nokia Has Took The Wraps Off Its Super-Secret PUSH N900 Project

Monday, 14 September 2009 19:21

Written by Apocalypso.

n900_pushLast weekend at the onedotzero hack and mod workshop on London's South Bank, Nokia has finally took the wraps off its super-secret PUSH N900 project, with hopes to keep the excitement around its first Linux based smartphone alive by encouraging its developer base to use it in the most creative way possible.

The main intention of this project is to give designers, hackers, modders, creatives and artists the chance to get their hands on, and heads inside, the new Nokia N900 & the Maemo 5 platform; the most ingenuous and powerful combination of software and hardware that they have ever created!

To enter competition you’ll need to tell them how you would hack and mod the Nokia N900 & Maemo to connect the N900 to something unique you love.
An expert judging panel, including Nokia's Kari Tuutti and Olavi Toivainen from Maemo will be selecting winning submissions and the groups behind them will receive N900 devices, funding and support to develop their PUSH idea. And once they’re complete, best ideas will shared with the rest of the world with a series of installations in Nokia Flagship Stores across the globe.
Kari Tuutti, Nokia's marketing director for the campaign, summed up Nokia's outlook on the whole affair. "With its innovative open source Maemo platform, 32GB internal storage and sleek design, the Nokia N900 has a speed and raw power which will be even more powerful in the hands of the UK's best hack and mod creatives. We can't wait to see the results", he said

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We’re really chuffed that everyone seemed to love what we showed and will share more from the day soon. We have video and everything. For now though, we’ll post some pics super-soon and encourage everyone to check out what you need to do to make a submission.


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