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Map Loader For Maemo Devices Announced!

Thursday, 04 March 2010 10:31

Written by Apocalypso

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navi_n900_topGood folks from the Nokia Maps Team just announced the very first release of Nokia Map Loader for maemo devices.

Just like the version for Symbian devices, Nokia Map loader for N900 allows you to simply sideload maps to your phone directly from Nokia maps server through your computer, rather than over the air which is especially useful if you are planning on travelling to a new area you are unfamiliar.

This way, you can save a lot on your mobile data service costs and save time downloading map data over-the-air as you go.

With maps for more than 150 countries worldwide, there’s a lot of data available for download for FREE and with Map Loader whole procedure will be faster, cheaper and simpler! MapLoader allows you to download map data for whole countries or areas, so that you don’t need to use data connection on the road.

Procedure is quite simple, download and install Map Loader to your PC, then download maps and places you need to and finally transfer it to Nokia Maps on your mobile device.


Source: Nusers over Maemoitalia