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mkMMS: First Working Third Party MMS Application Now Available

Monday, 04 January 2010 08:18

Written by Apocalypso.

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n900_super Nokia N900 is probably the most ingenuous and powerful combination of software and hardware that they have ever created but it is also first of its kind and there are couple of missing features and few rough spots where the developers haven't completely finished their work.

From other hand operating systems are always a work in progress and the work is never done to improve them! Look at Apple; it took them couple of years and numerous software and even hardware updates to get the native support for MMS but apparently it will not be the case with Nokia N900 and we could get the MMS functionality sooner than expected.

A first working third party application that enables MMS on the Nokia N900 is already available for download and testing!! Mohammed Sameer appears to have addressed the lack of MMS with an application that remedies one of the most widely decried shortcomings of the Nokia N900 outside the lack of the fully functional portrait mode.

Application is currently at an early alpha stage of development and therefore it is subject to any unforeseen hiccups, it is very limited in features and lacks the GUI. However, I am pleased to see that community is working on a solution and I am very optimistic about the ongoing enhancement of this software with more features, support for multiple media in a single message and a proper UI over the coming weeks.

This minimalistic application allows you to create an MMS and send your first photo to another phone number via Nokia N900. With the current version you can attach ONLY one file which can be jpg, png, gif or text file (txt).

Of course, standard multimedia message may contain more than one page, just like a PowePoint slide show and each page may contain some text, audio file or video clips attached, with specified time period but I guess most of you would agree with me that sending even a single photo is better than not sending anything, especially considering there are many challenges that exist with MMS!

Application is available here and you can use it like this:

./mkmms <to address> /home/temp/photo.jpg m-send-req.mms subject

Anyway, those interesting in programming and testing, here is a link to Mohammed Sameer's blog so you can track progress, give some credits to author and maybe even offer help in creating a decent MMS application for Maemo 5 devices.

Apparently this is not the first, there is another solution and you can download it from here
and help the mms effort for fremantle here

Source: Mohammed Sameer

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