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Bluetooth DUN Package Now Available: Tether N900’s Internet Connection With Your PC

Thursday, 31 December 2009 12:02

Written by Apocalypso.

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dnu_topIf you travel with a PC laptop or Mac notebook, you know it can be difficult to find a Wi-Fi hotspot. Whether you need to Keep up to date with the latest news and happenings, update your blog or simply send or receive emails, tethering a phone to your computer or laptop gives you Internet access anywhere.

If you travel with a PC laptop or Mac, you know it can be very difficult to find a Wi-Fi hotspot but with Internet tethering you don’t need it at all as you can use your carrier's wireless signal and anytime you need it.

With S60 devices it is quite simple as there are number of options to share the 3G connection on your phone with your laptop and connect to the Internet anywhere. I personally prefer the JoikuSpot (although it drains battery extremely fast) but tethering over Bluetooth or USB works just fine as well.

Unfortunately there are several Bluetooth profiles officially missing in Fremantle including the PAN and DUN (Dial-Up Networking) over Bluetooth and therefore Nokia N900 doesn’t support tethering out of the box. Bluetooth DUN allows one to set up Bluetooth networking using a cellular device and a device supporting Bluetooth SPP/DUN profile, while Bluetooth PAN offers slightly faster connection speeds than DUN, but DUN.

Now, there are some work-around and mainly thanks to the Philip Langdale and his “Bluetooth Dial-up Networking” package it is finally possible to easily and permanently enable Bluetooth tethering n Nokia N900. Package is now available in Extras app catalogue (here you can find how to enable it if you already didn’t) I tested and I can confirm that it works just fine and that I’m currently blogging connected over my lovely Nokia N900.

If you are running Windows pair the N900 with the Windows Bluetooth stack, enable (Dial-Up Networking) DUN service and make some additional tweaking of the just added Bluetooth modem from the device manager.

In most cases you’ll need to add "init string" by choosing phone and modem options, than hitting the advanced tab and finally in the init command field enter something like: at+cgdcont=1,"IP","apn" ...where your_apn is the APN for your carrier that you can get from the network connections list in your N900 settings.

That’s it, in case of any problem with connecting to the internet over your N900 feel free to reach me over at our forum section ;)

Source: Wubble

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