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Duke Nukem 3D Now Available In The App Manager

Tuesday, 29 December 2009 15:58

Written by Apocalypso.

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duke_topDuke Nukem 3D, a classic PC first-person shooter game developed by 3D Realms and released on January 29, 1996 is now available for Maemo 5 devices, twelve years after its initial release!

It is really nice to see that Duke is still alive and I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of old fans who want to play the game again or on a new platform, especially if you one of those folks who are waiting for Duke Nukem Forever for more than a 10 years.

For the younger of you that might not remember, Duke Nukem 3D is a game that warms my heart and brings good memories and I can’t tell you how fun is to play through the original episodes once again! Duke is the award winning game that helped define the FPS genre, introducing unparalleled interactivity, and a main character that spoke. Duke Nukem 3D is often cited as one of the first videogames to merge irreverent humor and explicit sexual themes with gameplay, particularly within the first-person shooter genre and it has been heavily attacked by some critics, who allege that it promotes pornography and murder .

Duke Nukem 3D is developed by 3D Realms and published by Apogee Software., It features the adventures of Duke Nukem, a character that had previously appeared in the platform games Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem II which were also published by Apogee.

Anyway, currently there are two different versions available for download, the first one is all-in-one shareware version that installs the all necessary files including the shareware game data (6.7 MB) and for those of you who would like to try full game there is a CD version that is of course provided without game data and requires you to move the game files from an original CD.

I tested the only shareware version so far and I have to admit that it works fine although there is an annoying controls problem mainly caused by the fact that N900 lacks the escape key so if you want to navigate the game's menus to save/load, customize controls, or cleanly exit the game you must use a BT keyboard or keyboard input over a VNC server.

Duke Nukem 3D on the Nokia N900

In case you just want to quit game you can simply press the power button and tap on the "end current task".

Game is available through the app manager but you can get it directly and install the .deb file from the following link:


Shareware version seems a bit buggier so better get the full game version and use your own CD data or get the duke3d.grp file from the 3Drealms Share Ware version of the game as well.

Here's a copy of the SW grp file (just unzip first): http://drolyag.tripod.com/duke3d.zip

Taking on the role of Duke Nukem, an imperious action hero from Earth, players must fight through 28 levels spread over three chapters. A commercial upgrade, called The Plutonium Pak, later added a fourth episode of 11 additional levels, some new enemies, and one new modified weapon. As usual for a first-person shooter, players encounter a whole host of different enemies, and can engage them with a range of weaponry.


Duke Nukem 3D is set "sometime in the early 21st century" in a broken and far more morally corrupt Los Angeles, and expands to locations such as lunar space stations. Through cutscenes and gameplay, the premise is that an alien transgenic species has infiltrated Earth in light of Duke's absence while fighting in space. Upon crash landing back to Earth, Duke finds most humans are absent, with few attractive women remaining as diversions for the aliens.

American civilization has been reduced to a virtual wasteland while pornography has become the sole source of entertainment. As well as killing aliens to free the Earth (and more specifically, retrieve "babes" that have been kidnapped), players must also solve puzzles to progress through the various levels. Some puzzles allow access to extra, hidden levels.

History: From the Intro of Duke Nukem 2 From the intro of Duke Nukem 1In 1991, Duke Nukem first appeared in the self-titled Duke Nukem, an Apogee platform game. It was consisted of three episodes, the first of which was distributed as shareware (like many titles did at that time).

Two years later, Duke Nukem II was published, and took advantage of 25-color VGA graphics, MIDI music, and digitized sound. This was much improved over the first Duke Nukem title, but both titles still utilised 16 colors on-screen at once, but more than one color palettes were used.The character is best known for his once again self-titled game Duke Nukem 3D, released in 1996. At the time, Duke Nukem 3D was highly controversial due to it's high amount of violence, sexual content/nudity, and strong language.

.:[ Official Duke Nukem 3D homepage ]:.

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