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Enabling the Nokia N900 to the Social Web with Pixelpipe

Monday, 26 October 2009 10:49

Written by Apocalypso.

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pixelpipe nokia n900I just came across video taken at the recent CTIA conference in San Francisco that offers a quick overview of how to get your N900 publishing photos and video to over 115 services across the globe with the Pixelpipe plugin.

Pixelpipe is service that allows you to upload photos, video clips, and audio files through the Pixelpipe Media Gateway and distribute your content across to a growing number of different social networks, photo/video sites, blogs, and other online services.

With Pixelpipe you’re able to publish text, photos, videos, and audio directly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, MySpace, and many other supported services – making it one of the easiest and quickest ways to distribute your content across the web.

Pixelpipe dev team have created a Maemo 5 “Plug-In” which interfaces with thephone’s native share client and on the video below, Pixelpipe’s Brett Butterfield shows how to take a photo to add the title, description, GPS location and use Pixelpipe to upload it to online services.

It gets a bit more interesting when you hit the Tags icon and the Pixelpipe tag screen appears. This allows you to add tags to the photo to Pixelpipe’s list of Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Picasa etc.

Why is this awesome?


  • It allowd upload directly to the N900 camera and gallery applications to allow for effortless publishing.
  • Background uploads! Once you’ve started an upload(s) it’ll go into a queue and deliver your media while your N900 is available and connected via an internet connection.
  • Use N900’s Tag Cloud to send to specific services at the time of upload. Just include the service name with an @prefix or create your own custom groups with our Routing Tags feature.

Pixelpipe on Nokia N900 at CTIA

To get started simply:

  • Install the Pixelpipe plugin (only 27kb) from the N900 App. manager
  • Authenticate or create a new Pixelpipe account.
  • Add any services you’d like from http://m.pixelpipe.com/destinations/add
  • You can now configure your preferences for upload from the Sharing accounts settings on the N900
  • Select your media and set title and description
  • Use the Tag Clouds feature to set tags for your media with a touch or use our Routing Tags feature to send to specific destinations with our Routings Tags feature eg. @twitter, @facebook
  • Your media uploads will now proceed in the background after you click the “Share” button as you continue to utilize your N900.


Source: PP blog over 3G

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